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getyourtoaster is the home of Battlestar Galactica mini femslash ficathons. this community is for the mods to post ficathon sign-ups and master lists, and for participants to post their ficathon stories. all other posts will be deleted.

we are currently enjoying the PAX GALACTICA prompt-a-thon.

five character-centered rounds were held here over the 2006 hiatus, as follows:
Laura Roslin - masterlist / tag
Kara Thrace - masterlist / tag
Number Six - masterlist / tag
Helena Cain - masterlist / tag
Sharon Valerii - masterlist / tag
plus a holiday ficathon over the 2006-2007 season.

the idea for getyourtoaster is lovingly copied from femslash_minis, home of the Jossverse femslash minificathon series. also check out short_takes, the Babysitters Club minificathon community.

getyourtoaster is a member of the girlwank family of femslash related communities, which also includes:
- girlwank (femslash discussion)
- femslash_today (multifandom femslash newsletter)
- girlsonscreen (femslash focused tv)
- femslash100 (multifandom femslash drabbles)
- madeofgay (the control center of it all)

we are also affiliated with bsg_femslash and bsg_slashathon (for boyslash)

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