defies decoding (projectcyborg) wrote in getyourtoaster,
defies decoding

call for pinch-hitters

forget about the pax galactica prompts for a moment -- this is the looooooong-overdue plea for ficathon pinch-hitters! below are links to prompts from the poor souls who wrote a ficathon story without receiving one (folks who defaulted themselves are not included). do a good deed for a fellow writer in 2008 and comment to claim one of these orphan assignments:

1) Starbuck/Roslin, Cain/Roslin OR Cain/Gina [claimed]
2) Cain/Starbuck, Cain/Roslin OR Cain/Gina [claimed]
3) Cain/Roslin, Cain/Starbuck OR Cain/Cally [DONE]
4) Cain/Roslin, Cain/Kat OR Cain/D'Anna [DONE]
5) Boomer/Starbuck, Boomer/Caprica OR Boomer/Gina [claimed]
6) Boomer/Starbuck, Boomer/Caprica OR Boomer/Athena [claimed]

eta: if anyone else is hankering for a prompt, I'd be happy to hook you up with one of the remaining orphan ones from delinquent writers. these are due-ish on approximately Valentine's Day!
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