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masterlist ~ Sharon + holiday!

FINALLY, the Holiday Round:

ariestess (for frogfrizz), Convictions of Impunity ~ Roslin/Ellen [PG-13]
deifire (for selenay_x), Even Gods Do ~ Roslin/Six [PG-13]
frogfrizz (for deifire), You Can Never Go Back ~ Roslin/Cain [R]
marenfic (for voleuse), The Gloaming ~ Starbuck/Seelix [PG]
nnaylime (for terias_mcklay), Growth ~ Roslin/Cain [PG] (pinch-hit)
projectcyborg (for tellitslant), The Book of Revolution ~ Three/Six [NC-17ish]
selenay_x (for viciouswishes), Before I Die ~ Roslin/Ellen [adult]
sheepfairy (for marenfic), Dreams for Plans ~ Roslin/Starbuck [PG]
terias_mcklay (for ariestess), Words ~ Roslin/Starbuck [PG-13]
viciouswishes (for sheepfairy), Coping ~ Roslin/Ellen [PG]

tellitslant and voleuse are delinquent (as are aeonian, furies, and quasiradiant, but nobody gave them anything anyway) -- hopefully one of you is going to write something for terias_mcklay?

also note that I never posted a masterlist for Round 5 (Sharon) because the turnout was too low. many thanks to the responsible participants, who are:

sheepfairy (for voleuse), We Won't Need Legs To Stand ~ Boomer/Caprica [PG-13]
terias_mcklay (for selenay_x), Weakness ~ Boomer/Roslin [PG-13]

lyssie (for terias_mcklay), Pomegranates ~ Boomer/Starbuck [PG-13/R] (pinch-hit)
projectcyborg (for sheepfairy), still on the way...

someday, there will be a call for pinch-hitters for Cain/Sharon/holiday, and everyone will get their story, I swear.
Tags: .masterlist, 5:sharon, 6:holiday
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