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round six sign ups: Boomer

welcome to the sign up post for the fourth round of getyourtoaster, which will focus on the conflicted Cylon model Number eight, known to us as Sharon "Boomer" Valerii.

sign ups for the minificathon are pretty simple. just fill out the below form in a comment to this post, and you'll be sent your assignment when sign ups are closed. then you'll have three (3) weeks to write a 500 plus word story using one of the prompts you were given. you can post your story to the community any time before the three week deadline is up.

list of Number Eight personalities:
- Galactica Boomer (the one who is on Galactica until her death in "Resistance," and was later reborn on Caprica in "Downloaded.")
- Caprica Boomer (the one who was on Caprica with Helo.)

(obviously, there are a junkload of other Boomers, but these two are the only two we have much information about. feel free to request others.)

the sign up form:


character you want paired with Boomer:
up to three things you want to see in the story:
up to two things you don't want to see in the story:
preferred rating:

(repeat for your second and third prompts.)

characters you would be able to write Boomer with, in order of preference:
characters you would not be able to write Boomer with:
any type of fic you would not write: (i.e. non-con, pwp, etc.)
spoilers: (if you have not reached the end of season two, please note where you are/where you think you'll be by the time assignments are sent out.)

you guys all know what my request would look like, so.

you don't need to have voted for Boomer, or even filled out the poll, to participate in this minificathon, so keep pimping the community and the 'thon to your friends.

the schedule
sign ups end and assignments go out: late Sunday, July 9th
stories due: Sunday, July 30th
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